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Facility Design and Renovation Services

Using state of the art drafting and rendering technology, we can design your kitchen, servery, store, bar, or dining room to ensure efficient work flow, smooth customer movement, and that perfect visual appeal. Having designed hundreds of food service facilities, our experience spans many types of establishments, a variety of food formats, and the gamut of budgets.

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Working with our designers, engineers, and architects or professionals employed by you, we design and review plans to ensure efficient work flow in kitchen, prep areas, and serving areas. We can work with food service equipment, or can design flooring, ceilings, wall finishes, lighting and overall vision of the space.

One of our specialties is Branded Concepts, or putting national brands into your existing store. Using our contacts with the national or regional offices of well-known brands, we can design and install new, exciting concepts in your store. Chick-fil-A, Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King, and Blimpie are some of the many brands we can help you implement.

Renovation Services

We can build your design for your facility in addition to designing it or managing it. Our crews can handle demolition and build-back as well as the installation of the new cabinets and equipment. Please see our list of completed projects for a small sample of where we work.

Using the finest sub-contractors, we also handle electric, plumbing, and HVAC work (including hoods). Whether your project includes new flooring, painting, ceiling, or lighting, we can provide and install this work.

The major benefit to you: ONE CONTACT POINT and SOLE SOURCE RESPONSIBILITY. You won't have to chase sub-contractors, worry about permits, or manage equipment deliveries. We handle it all from design through installation.

After we're finished, just ADD FOOD AND PEOPLE and you're in business!

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